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TotalD peut être installé sur tout ordinateur avec Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 et Windows 10.

Web Sites Database updated 73

March 11, 2024
-Updated 1fichier.
-Updated gofile.
-Updated userupload.
-Updated mixdrop.

Web Sites Database updated 72

February 12, 2024
-Updated 1fichier.

Web Sites Database updated 71

January 22, 2024
-Updated Google Drive.
-Updated Fireload.
-Updated Fikper.
-Updated wetransfer.
-Updated ddownload.

Version 1.8.1.

September 2, 2023
-Fixed capthca was not showed.

Web Sites Database updated 69

August 29, 2023
-Updated Uptobox

Web Sites Database updated 68

July 25, 2023
-Updated Uptobox

Web Sites Database updated 67

July 21, 2023
-Updated Youtube
-Updated gofile.io
-Updated clicknupload
-Updated uptobox.eu
-Added worldbytez.com

Web Sites Database updated 66

May 16, 2023
-Fixed, files could download one by one even with premium accounts.
-Added pixeldrain.com
-Added filerice.com
-Updated gofile.io
-Updated filejoker.net
-Updated send.cm

Web Sites Database updated 65

March 6, 2023
-Updated Zippyshare.

Web Sites Database updated 64

February 27, 2023
-Updated Mediafire.

Web Sites Database updated 63

February 1, 2023
-Updated Katfile
-Updated gofile.io
-Updated filejoker.net
-Updated Google Drive
-Added Fikper.com
-Added Longfiles.com

Web Sites Database updated 62

November 12, 2022
-Updated katfile.com
-Updated Uploadgig.
-Added support for Youtube shorts.

Web Sites Database updated 61

August 22, 2022
-Updated Youtube.

Web Sites Database updated 60

August 20, 2022
-Fixed crash on Youtube downloads.

Web Sites Database updated 59

June 15, 2022
-Updated filejoker.net.
-Updated mixdrop.co.
-Updated clicknupload.club.
-Updated douploads.net.
-Updated drop.download.
-Updated send.cm.
-Updated novafile.com.
-Updated filefox.cc.
-Updated uploadbank.com.
-Added gofile.io.
-Added fastclick.to.
-Added nelion.me.
-Removed dead sites.

Version 1.7.1.

January 24, 2022
-Improved Youtube download speed.
-Fixed, some torrent trackers did not work.
-Added send.cm.
-Updated takefile.link.
-Updated filespace.com.
-Updated mega.nz.
-Fixed issues with files or paths with long names.

Web Sites Database updated 56

August 18, 2021
-Updated Youtube.

Web Sites Database updated 55

August 9, 2021
-Updated Nitroflare.
-Updated clicknupload.cc
-Added support for downloading Youtube playlists.
-Added mixdrop.co
-Added filestore.to
-Added uploadraja.com
-Added hexupload.net

Web Sites Database updated 54

July 1, 2021
-Updated Turbobit.
-Updated Filejoker.
-Updated downloadani.me
-Updated hitfile.net

Web Sites Database updated 53

May 22, 2021
-Updated Youtube.
-Updated Filefactory Premium.

Web Sites Database updated 52

May 14, 2021
-Updated Filefactory.

Web Sites Database updated 51

May 10, 2021
-Updated Nitroflare.
-Updated letsupload.io
-Added Pandafiles.com
-Updated takefile.link
-Added veryfiles.com

Web Sites Database updated 50

April 12, 2021
-Updated Youtube.
-Updated wetransfer.com

Web Sites Database updated 49

March 29, 2021
-Added upload-4ever.com
-Added krakenfiles.com
-Added uploadrar.com
-Added userupload.net
-Updated filejocker.net
-Updated doraupload.com
-Updated filefox.cc
-Updated mp4upload.com

Web Sites Database updated 48

January 15, 2021
-Fixed captcha was not displayed.

Web Sites Database updated 47

December 2, 2020
-Updated Youtube.

Web Sites Database updated 46

November 2, 2020
-Updated Youtube.
-Added fireload.com
-Updated userscloud.com.

Version 1.6.0.

May 8, 2020
-Fixed some .rar files could not be extracted.
-Updated Alldebrid.
-Youtube now shows the progress when it is joining the audio and video or converting the audio to mp3.
-Updated Slovak translation (thanks to Vladimír).

Version 1.5.9.

January 29, 2020
-Updated Youtube
-Added xubster.com
-Added letsupload.co
-Added bayfiles.com
-Added minfil.com
-Added myfile.is
-Added filetransfer.io
-Updated ulozto.net
-Updated turbobit
-Removed diskokosmiko
-Removed datafile.com
-Removed eurshare.eu
-Removed fileflyer.com
-Removed uploadable.ch
-Removed filecloud.io
-Removed sharedir
-Removed wi.to

Version 1.5.8.

June 19, 2019
-Updated Youtube.
-Updated Alldebrid.
-Improved stability.
-Updated datafilehost.com.
-Updated tezfiles.com.
-Updated yadi.sk.
-Updated depositfiles.
-Updated Mega-debrid.
-Updated Premiumize.me.
-Updated Zevera.

Version 1.5.7.

March 14, 2019
-Fixed prevent computer sleep while downloading.
-Updated userscloud.
-Updated 1fichier.
-Updated mexashare.
-Updated yadi.sk.
-Updated datafile.com.
-Updated filespace.com.
-Updated upload4earn.
-Added nofile.io.
-Updated file-up.org.
-Added uploadev.com.
-Added uploadproper.net.
-Added speed4up.com.
-Added direct download of pdf and mkv files.
-Updated rockfile.co.
-Added megaupload.nz.
-Added drop.me.
-Added dropapk.com.
-Added Arabic translation (thanks to MFM).
-Added Turkish translation (thanks to BySALiH DRD).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).

Version 1.5.6.

January 10, 2019
-Fixed download Youtube videos with high quality.
-Audio from Youtube videos now is saved in mp3 format.

Version 1.5.5.

November 21, 2018
-Updated Youtube.
-Added suppor for downloading only the audio in Youtube videos.
-Added Ukranian language (thanks to ihor).
-Added Hungarian translation (thanks to Máté).
-Added Greek translation (thanks to AKIS).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to Kirk).

Version 1.5.4.

June 8, 2018
-Updated rapidgator.com
-Updated Yandex disk
-Updated tezfiles.com
-Updated diskokosmiko.mx
-Added dbr.ee
-Added upload4earn.com
-Updated box.com
-Updated userscloud.com
-Updated dailymotion
-Added German translation (thanks to Stefan S.).

Version 1.5.3.

March 6, 2018
-Updated Chinese Traditional translation (thanks to Kirk).
-Added Serbian translation (thanks to Branislav).
-Updated Catalan translation (thanks to Alejandro).
-Added linkifier premium support.
-Added uploadgig premium support.
-Updated alfafile.net
-Updated upstore.net
-Updated jeodrive.com
-Updated Yandex.
-Updated inclouddrive.
-Updated dropbox.
-Updated file-upload.com
-Updated uplod.cc
-Updated filefox.cc
-Updated filejoker.net
-Updated prefiles.com
-Updated wholecloud.
-Updated extmatrix.com
-Updated gavitex.com
-Updated dropbox.com
-Updated file-space.org
-Updated redfile.eu
-Updated workupload.com
-Updated up07.me
-Updated share4web.com
-Removed unlimitzone.
-Removed abelhas.
-Removed livecloudz.
-Removed vidlockers.
-Removed ddlstorage.
-Removed gulfup.
-Removed uploadrocket.
-Removed filemoney.
-Removed mediafree.
-Removed uplea.
-Removed hugefiles.
-Removed uploadex.
-Removed bytewhale.
-Removed Uploadingsite.
-Removed Br2share.
-Removed Uploadx.
-Removed copiapop.
-Removed MegaFileUpload.
-Removed Putfiles.
-Removed uploadz.
-Removed avatarshare.
-Removed datasbit.
-Removed bitload.
-Removed freakshare.com
-Removed Bitshare.com
-Removed crocko.com
-Removed debfile.com
-Removed putdrive.com
-Removed nodefiles.com

Version 1.5.1.

November 1, 2017
-Updated captcha issue "local host is not enabled" with some sites:
depositfiles.com, turbobit, keep2share, putfiles, backin, uploadify, etc.

Version 1.5.0.

October 17, 2017
-Added history.
-Updated keep2share.cc
-Updated Alldebrid
-Updated userscloud.com
-Updated depfile.us
-Updated backin.net
-Updated suprafiles.org

Version 1.4.0.

July 18, 2017
-Added a button in the status bar to change the speed limits quickly.
-Added shortcut Ctrl- to move a file down in the queue.
-Added shortcut Ctrl+ to move a file up in the queue.
-Added zapfile.net premium.
-Added filenext.com premium.
-Added katfile.com premium.
-Added rapidrar.com premium.
-Added userscloud.com premium.
-Added clicknupload.net premium.
-Added brupload.net premium.
-Updated filefactory.com
-Updated keep2share.cc
-Updated depfile.com
-Updated upera.co
-Updated 1fichier.com
-Updated rockfile.eu
-Updated putfiles.in
-Updated uplod.ws
-Updated uploadgig.com
-Updated turbobit.net premium.
-Updated clicknupload.net
-Updated yadi.sk
-Added crazyshare.cc
-Added uploadbits.com
-Added zapfile.net
-Added cloudyfiles.com
-Added file.al.

Version 1.3.5.

June 1, 2017
-After adding a new download the filter is changed automatically to show the download just added.
-Updated dailymotion.com.
-Updated vimeo.com.
-Updated solidfiles.com.
-Fixed restoring when minimized to tray changed the current tab to "Add links".
-Updated 1fichier.com.
-Updated filejoker.net.
-Added avatarshare.com.
-Added support for mega:# links.
-Added public.upera.co.
-Updated keep2share.cc.
-Updated uptobox.com.
-Added media1fire.com.
-Depositfiles now does not work with XP due to new SSL certificates.
-Updated tusfiles.net.
-Updated oload.tv.
-Updated upstore.net.
-Updated workupload.com.
-Updated rockfile.eu.
-Updated French translation (thanks to Stephane).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).

Version 1.3.4.

April 1, 2017
-Fixed, TotalD could hang whe deleting a file.

Version 1.3.3.

March 31, 2017
-Added number indicator of files in each filter option.
-Added icerbox.com
-Added some icons.
-Proxy password is now hidden.
-Turbobit updated.
-Updated tezfiles.com
-Updated suprafiles.co
-Added putfiles.in
-Added uploadz.co
-Added bitload.org
-Updated tusfiles.net
-Updated depositfiles.com
-Updated uploads.to
-Added wickedcloud.io
-Updated keep2share
-Updated Yandex (yadi.sk)
-Updated 4shared.com
-Updated rapidrar.com
-Updated katfile.com
-Updated file-upload.net
-Updated katfile.com
-Added megadrive.tv
-Added uploadify.net
-Updated linksnappy.com
-Updated data.hu
-Udated wholecloud.net
-Updated rgho.st
-Updated gavitex.com
-Updated mega-debrid.eu
-Updated dropbox.com
-Added nodefiles.com
-Added datasbit.com
-Added uploadbank.com
-Removed sockshare.com
-Removed ziddu.com
-Removed uploadc.com
-Removed vodlocker.com
-Removed erafile.com
-Removed ulnow.com
-Removed city-upload.com
-Removed sharingmaster.com
-Removed neodrive.co
-Removed upl.one
-Removed datoteke.com
-Removed joinfile.com
-Removed lafiles.com
-Removed promptfile.com
-Removed junocloud.me
-Removed sfshare.se
-Removed kingfiles.net
-Removed tigerfiles.net
-Removed loadus.net
-Removed gboxes.com
-Removed filepi.com

Version 1.3.2.

January 30, 2017
-Fixed: excluding some torrent files did not work when the torrent was added via magnet link.
-New menus to remove non selected or unavailable links from the "Add links" screen.
-Fixed bugs and improved stability.
-Updated Catalan translation (Thanks to Alejandro).
-Added Galician translation (Thanks to Jesús).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).
-Added Rarefile.net premium support.
-Added copiapop.com account support.
-Added filejoker premium support.
-Added backin.net premium support.
-Updated upstore.net
-Updated katfile.com
-Updated dfiles.eu
-Updated uploads.to
-Added glbupload.com
-Added ausfile.com
-Added uplod.ws
-Added suprafiles.net
-Added file-upload.cc
-Added filenext.com
-Added uploadgig.com
-Added up-4ever.com
-Updated katfile.com
-Updated uplea.com
-Updated bezsms.org
-Updated yadi.sk
-Updated share-online.biz
-Updated webshare.cz
-Updated vidup.me
-Removed cloudsix.me
-Removed letitbit.net
-Removed secureupload.eu
-Removed uploading.com
-Removed sharesix.com

Version 1.3.1.

December 12, 2016
-Fixed global speed and some direct download files speed did not match.
-Show "Decrypting" in state when the file is being decrypted.
-Rename direct download links file names, including multiple files batch renaming.
-New option to start TotalD minimized.
-Fixed bugs reported.
-Updated mega.nz
-Updated bigfile.to
-Updated rusfolder.com
-Added debfile.com
-Added mexashare.com
-Added French translation (thanks to Francois).
-Added Slovak translation (thanks to Vladimir).
-Updated Italian translation (thanks to Michele).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).

Version 1.3.0.

October 10, 2016
-Option to shutdown or hibernate the computer when all the downloads are finished.
-TotalD window is restored when the user doubleclicks in the program shortcut.
-Avoid closing TotalD while a file is decrypting.
-New option to disable notifications.
-Updated Vimeo.
-When the download folder does not extist, TotalD will create it instead of changing to the default folder.
-Network paths are not reseted to the default download path when the network path is not found.
-Updated uploaded.net
-Updated Google Drive.
-Updated solidfiles.com
-Updated keep2share.cc
-Updated downace.com
-Updated sdilej.cz
-Updated androidfilehost.com
-Updated box.com
-Updated uploadocean.com
-Updated hitfile.com
-Updated turbobit.net
-Updated backin.net
-Updated upstore.net premium
-Updated downace.com
-Updated uloz.to
-Added dropbox.com
-Added up07.net
-Added gavitex.com
-Added bdupload.info
-Added erafile.com
-Added cloudup.com
-Added vodlocker.com
-Added filetrip.net
-Added megafileupload.com
-Removed fileswap.com
-Removed shareflare.net
-Removed revclouds.com
-Removed minus.com
-Removed filesin.com
-Removed filesuniverse.com
-Removed uploadbaz.com
-Removed 24uploading.com
-Removed zorofiles.com
-Removed myupload.dk
-Removed speedyshare.com
-Removed sharing.zone

Version 1.2.0.

August 4, 2016
-Updated mega.nz
-Updated yadi.sk
-Updated datafile.com
-Updated uloz.to
-Updated filecloud.io
-Updated backin.net
-Updated prefiles.com
-Updated filesflash.com
-Updated Google Drive
-Updated subyshare.com
-Updated nowdownload.co
-Added cloud.mail.ru
-Added diskokosmiko.mx
-Added uploading.site
-Added sharing.zone
-Added samaup.com
-Added gulfup.cc
-Added Jeodrive.com
-Added cnubis.com
-Added ziifile.com
-Added uploadx.org
-Added loadus.net
-Added doraupload.com
-Added ulnow.com
-Added uploadocean.com
-Added uploads.to
-Added br2share.net
-Added upl.one
-Added rapidu.net
-Added rapidrar.com
-Added mega-debrid.eu
-Removed gulfup.com
-Added Indonesian translation (thanks to elmph123).
-Added Portugues-BR translation (thanks to Luiz).
-Added Simplified Chinese (P.R.C) translation (Thanks to Fan)

Version 1.1.1.

June 30, 2016
-Added rockfile premium support.
-Updated real-debrid.
-Updated 1fichier premium.
-Updated speedyshare.com.
-Added wi.to.
-Added katfile.com.
-Updated indishare.me.
-Added support for mega:// links.
-Updated k2c.cc.
-Updated rockfile.eu.
-Added downace.com.
-Updated filesflash.net.
-Updated real-debrid.
-Removed filenium.com.
-Added Russian translation (Thanks to Max).
-Fixed bugs and improved stability.

Version 1.1.0.

April 27, 2016
-Fixed bugs reported.
-Improved stability.
-Added mega.nz premium and free accounts support.
-Updated mega.nz
-Updated rockfile.eu
-Updated dl.free.fr
-Updated bezsms.org
-Updated gboxes.com
-Updated uploadcloud.pro
-Updated solidfiles.com
-Updated clicknupload.link
-Updated datoteke.com
-Added filescdn.com
-Added anafile.com
-Added filepi.com
-Added indishare.co
-Added bytewhale.com
-Added tezfiles.com free and premium.
-Added filesuniverse.com
-Added tigerfiles.net
-Added workupload.com
-Removed filepost.com
-Removed luckyshare.com
-Removed 4upfiles.com
-Removed lolabits.es
-Removed nosupload.com
-Removed idup.in
-Removed toutbox.fr
-Removed veodrop.com
-Removed cloudyvideos.com.
-Added Chinese (Traditional) Translation (Thanks to Chiahong).
-Added Polish translation (Thanks to Majkel).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Italian translation (Thanks to Michele).

Version 1.0.1.

March 8, 2016
-Added sequential order download for torrents.
-Fixed bug adding magnet links.
-Fixed bugs reported.
-Fixed error on Windows XP.
-Updated uploadable.ch to bigfile.to
-Updated mediafire.com premium.
-Added datoteke.com
-Added uplod.it
-Updated filefactory.com premium
-Updated speedyshare.com premium
-Added Catalan translation (Thanks to Alejandro).
-Added Italian translation (Thanks to Michele).
-Added Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

Version 1.0.0.

March 2, 2016
-Bittorrent download.
-Direct downloads.
-Veoh videos download.
-Youtube video download.
-Vimeo video download.
-Dailymotion video download.